BlueDark, tema android

creado por HTCClay

Para instalar:

1. Backup everything on your SD card
2. If you already have swap and a ext partition then you should wipe and repair the ext partition. If not your going to want to partition out your SD card like so: (remainder) fat32, (512mb-1gb) ext2/3/4, (at least 64mb) linux-swap. (If you don’t want Apps2SD then you can skip the ext parts)
3. Boot into Recovery
4. Place the you downloaded in the root of your SD
5. Wipe/Factory Reset
6. Wipe The Dalvik-cache
7. Wipe the ext partition<– You’ll get the “black screen” after boot up and Apps2SD is enabled if you don’t. THIS IS IMPORTANT!
8. Repair the ext partition
9. Flash then reboot. Go though the Setup.
10. Setup Apps2SD with SupSetup 4 then reboot
11. Setup Linux-Swap with SupSetup 4 then reboot

Descargar tema android: enlace

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